From dead data to smart data

FRAMES DEALER offers an innovative UX that matches with the mindset of creative people (art directors, agency creative teams, directors, post-producers...), as well as collaborative tools adapted to a BtoB use (sharing, classification, search history, etc.). Intuitive technology is at the heart of the tools developed and offered by Frames Dealer.

Each shot at Frames Dealer is treated with special attention by qualified team, all of whom are industry professionals. The editorial team moderates the artificial intelligence tool by bringing an emotional perspective to it and thus best matches the creative tracks of a search.

Frames Dealer x Oppo Tailormade production Filmmakers L'Oeil d'Eos


Preview the content for social medias or DOOH

Our reframe tool allows you to preview the perfect framing and its technical specs for your social media posts or DOOH project. Whatever are your needs (Instagram 1:1, 9/16 format….etc) you can validate your new framing with the final preview and resolution before purchasing.

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Frames Dealer x Samsung Talk Tailormade production Filmmaker Remy Devouassoud

Color filter

Refine your research with your color identity

Choose between background, foreground or accent color to keep only relevant results that match with your art direction.

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