SAI MA's vision

Your craziest shooting experience ? I shot an art film in HK for 5 continuous days, each day we walked through the city with our heavy gear for at least 10 hours or so, under the unbearable hot and humid weather. My cinematographer counts this experience as his most exhausting one through all his career.

Your spoken language(s) ? Chinese, English, working hard on my French now.

Your sport ? Surfing.

Your next flight destination Amazon Forest.

Wide lens or long lens ? Wide lens.

Tropical or Frozen ? Tropical.

City or nature ? City.

Team player or lone wolf ? Depending on what kind of team I work with.

HMI or Sunlight ? I like both, different scenes require different light settings.

Featured footage

A woman walking up spiraling concrete stairs
A woman walking up spiraling concrete stairs 1
A man doing a fœtus position under water at the swimming pool
Fœtus position under water at the pool
Vertiginous shot of a tower in downtown shanghai surrounded by thick fog
A modern skyscraper in downtown Shanghai 2

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