Dear customers, dear partners, dear talents,

Frames Dealer was born from the desire to innovate in the audiovisual sector by proposing a new production model: testifying to the beauty of the world in a more eco-responsible logic by offering a catalog of premium plans and tailor-made production solutions thanks to a global talent network.

In 5 years, Frames Dealer has post-produced nearly 70,000 exclusive shots, won the trust of over 600 clients, collaborated with over 160 filmmakers around the world and created 15 permanent jobs. We came together around our shared passion for beautiful images, our values ​​of artistic and technical excellence and a unique relationship with each of you, including you, dear filmmakers who had always been at the center of our concerns, our reflections and of our unique business model.

Thanks to you dear customers, dear partners, dear talents, Frames Dealer has been a key player in the audiovisual sector during the Covid crisis and has developed very quickly. Unfortunately, the current economic context is very different from that of our beginnings.

We have tried everything in recent months to preserve Frames Dealer but the combination of many factors, including the present reality of the premium stockshot market, has led us to a very difficult situation which today forces us to stop the adventure.

Having had the chance to collaborate with you on so many prestigious and exciting projects during these 5 years has been a privilege and the entire Frames Dealer team would like to sincerely thank you for your trust. We were fortunate to be able to provide you with the work of 167 talented directors and cinematographers present in 36 countries and thus contribute to reducing the carbon impact of your projects while maintaining the highest production standards.

We hope that our contribution to your projects and to the changes of approach in audiovisual production will find its extension in other forms in the future and that our professional paths will cross again around the same passion and the same values ​​that have guided the whole team during these 5 years.

Thanks again.